a light in this world


I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anything today, but going through the BloggingSL feed, I saw a beautiful picture of this top. It’s by DRIFT, and you can find it at The Dressing Room Fusion, which was updated today. The texture is beautiful! It looks so realistic! I spent a really long time just staring at it.


I really love this hair. I’m fairly sure it was from the Hair Fair last year, and it’s by Alice Project. I like to wear it when I’m really wanting to showcase the outfit, so no hair gets in the way. Plus! You can see earrings with it! I rarely wear them, but these ones are just really cute. I thought the added color to the outfit really helped, too.


Top ♡ DRIFT (Via the Dressing Room Fusion)
Pants ♡ [[>CaKe!<]] (January group gift) Shoes ♡ TWA
Earrings ♡ Swallow
Hair ♡ Alice Project
Hands ♡ SLink
Makeup ♡ LOGO
Skin ♡ Pink Fuel (Kumi)