aboutpage I’m not good at these pages, so I’ll keep this super simple! This blog is run by Emi (Emirun Resident), and is focused on the virtual world, Second Life. I take pictures of things that I love, and hope that you love them too!

I mainly blog in the kawaii style, and I absolutely love pink and cute fluffy things. I’m also really fond of black and white outfits, fantasy outfits, and in general, really soft pastel, girly things. I primarily blog outfits, although I do enjoy working with home items, skins, mesh heads, etc.

I do accept review items, though I reserve the right to not blog items that are too far from my own personal style. I only blog things that I really like, which I think is completely understandable! If you want to contact me about blogging your items, I definitely prefer notecards with information about the item and any events it might be in. If you think I might be a good fit for your store or event, don’t be shy! I’m quiet, but really friendly!