not afraid of falling


Are you all ready for the Pose Fair? I know I am! grafica is going to have quite a few beautiful pose sets, but this one, drift, really caught my eye. As soon as I saw it, I thought about this dress from the RMK Bunny Hunt by Dimbula Rose. I searched around and found a fun Alice themed sim, and, tada! Here I am, falling down the rabbit hole. How perfect, right?


These poses are really very soft and realistic, which I really love. I can tell that a lot of thought went into arm and leg positions to create that perfect falling/floating look. They’re really a lot of fun.


There are ten poses in this set, although I’m only showing off three here, and each pose also comes with a mirrored version of it, which is great for photographers! Don’t forget to check these ones out when you come to the Pose Fair next week, because you’re in for a treat with this store!


Dress ♡ Dimbula Rose
Hair ♡ (r)M
Shoes ♡ G Field
Hands♡ SLink
Makeup♡ LOGO
Skin ♡ Pink Fuel (Kumi)
Poses ♡ grafica