so far away


I love school uniforms. They’re a ton of fun to wear, and totally adorable at the same time. This one is gorgeous! It’s for the newest round of Acid Lily Gallery, and is by minimade. My hair is by Tameless, and does poke through the uniform a little bit, but it’s fluffy and in such a cute style.


I’m also wearing some adorable tea.s jewelry (have I mentioned how much I love this brand?)! This adorable ring is new, and a tiny little fox! I love it so much.

I’m a bit behind on my posts lately, but I’m still here! I’ve been doing tons of homework, and it’s been keeping me away from SL, which is so sad, because there are so many amazing things going on this month (and coming up!)


Uniformminimade (Acid Lily Gallery)
Shoes and SocksEdelweiss
Ring & Necklacetea.s
FingernailsStarry Heaven
SkinPink Fuel
PoseEternal Dream Poses – Beat (Siria’s Fashion Room)