tale as old as time

tale as old as time

Geeks’n’Nerds is ending soon, on December 10th! If you haven’t had a chance to stop in, you haaaave to go! I don’t think I’ve ever been to another event that had so many things that I wanted to own. The dress I’m wearing in this picture is by Noodles for the event, and I love it! There are a variety of patterns available, all cartoony and adorable – perfect for fans of so many different things. I’m also standing on a ladder by HopScotch available in a gacha at the event, and wearing a really cute necklace (that I’ll have a closeup of below) by Haste.

The bookshelf and books that I’m reaching towards are also by Noodles, but for The Arcade. I’m sure a lot of you have seen these already, but if not, they are so worth playing for! I had a ton of fun reading all of the different titles. There is so much love put into this set, and it really shows.

Here’s a closeup of my necklace (again, by Haste) and tiara (by HopScotch):


DressNoodles (Cosplay Dress – Beauty Princess at Geeks’n’Nerds)
TiaraHopScotch (Starry Sky at Fit For a Princess)
NecklaceHaste (Cloud Necklaces at Geeks’n’Nerds)
LadderHopScotch ( at Geeks’n’Nerds)
Bookshelf & BooksNoodles (Fairy Tale Stores II at The Arcade)
HairTruth (Bijou)
SkinPink Fuel (Harley)
Pose ♡ Custom