the first step towards tomorrow


So, since my last post was almost entirely about the facts meme, I thought I’d make another post talking about my actual outfit! I also took another picture so you can see the whole thing. My pinks don’t match too perfectly, but I think it’s cute anyway!

My dress is actually an old hunt item from Sassy! It was from the Pink Ribbon hunt last year. It’s so sparkly, and I love that, but I’d never had a chance to wear it. My wings are from the Luck of the Irish gacha, and I was lucky enough to get pink ones almost right away. My absolutely adorable hair clip is by Half-Deer, and I had to stop myself from buying all four of the colors it came in. Toooo cute!

Oh, and while I was getting ready to take this picture, I noticed that my cat (Daisuke) had gotten stuck underneath the stairs. He couldn’t get out! It was so cute. I sat and watched him for awhile, but then felt bad, and helped him out.

Snapshot_032    Snapshot_030


Dress ♡ Sassy!
Hair ♡ Ploom (Haley)
Wings ♡ [PL] (Luck of the Irish gacha)
Star Hairclip ♡ +Half-Deer+
Makeup ♡ LOGO
Skin ♡ Pink Fuel (Kumi)
Pose ♡ coucou