tomorrow awaits

tomorrow awaits

I’m a huge fan of G Field. It was one of the very first stores that I stumbled into on SL, and I am still so impressed with the items that they release. This top and skirt are incredible. There are so many options, too! The top can be tucked in, to fit with the skirt, or loose. It makes it so versatile, and I love that. Also, you get multiple colors of the top together, so you always have something to match. Seriously wonderful. It’s available on sale at!


Here are some closeups of the items I’m wearing. My shoes are part of a gacha at The Gathering, and as always, they’re wonderful. If you don’t have any shoes, you are completely missing out! I wear them constantly. My bracelet is by SYSY’s for Candy Fair, and is so sooo adorable! And this hairclip is by a store that is new to me, EMBW.

I actually have a lot more to show you from EMBW, but I put it under a cut, because it’s a lot! Click through if you want to see my credits and the other images.




EMBW offers a lot of items, and while I’m not showing all of the variations, I hope it gives you a good idea of what the store is like! The hair is adorable, and it’s really worth trying out a demo!

TopG Field (High Waist Skirt “Annis” at
SkirtG Field (Sleeveless Tops at
Hairclip.EMBW. (Cross pony holder – Gacha)
BraceletSYSY’s (Candyheart Bracelet at Candy Fair) (Xela at The GatheringGacha)
Makeup.EMBW. (In detail image only. See image for names)
Hair.EMBW. (Various, see images for names)
SkinPink Fuel (Harley)
PoseNani (look at me)